The Streets of Treasures

We have the  sea , we have good  food , we have the  ideal climate  , but, above all, we live in a country rich in  culture.

After all, for centuries, indeed  millennia , Sicily, like and even more than other regions of Italy, has been a fertile ground for culture. We are the children of a great people who have made history, yet we often take the landscape that surrounds us for  granted  and even more often we ignore even the existence of real  treasures  that are just a few steps away from us.

This is why Laura Anello's initiative is to be appreciated, since 2006 with the  Le Vie dei Tesori Festival , helping visitors from all over the world to enjoy the culture of our country.
There are many  places of  historical and cultural interest and with a " smart " system life is made easy (and convenient) for anyone who wants to enrich themselves with the direct experience of carefully selected places.

Messina  is part of the first eight cities where the event recognized by the maximum tourist importance will take place. From 12 to 27 September, therefore for three consecutive weekends, it will be possible to take advantage of all the discounts provided by the programme. The places that can be visited are numerous! By way  of example  we point out: the ruins of the  Monastery of Santa Maria del Gesù  (alleged tomb of Antonello da Messina),  Villa Cianciafara, the Church of the Santissima Annunziata dei Catalani, Villa Stefania,  the  Church of San Nicola  and the village of  Zafferia.

This year, moreover, it will be possible to take  educational walks  at a very low cost (€6 for a two-hour tour). Also in this case the options are many and varied: ranging from a walk in contact with  nature  along the ancient Via del Dromo  to a  Liberty  -style one viewing the palaces of illustrious architects of the early 1900s, passing through the  medieval tour  which traces the history of the priories and  knights.

The festival offers packages suitable for all needs: single admission €3, four admissions €10, ten admissions €18.
The complete program will last six weekends, from 12 September 2020 to 8 November 2020 and will involve the cities and villages of the whole island.

All visits are structured in such a way as to comply with anti-covid regulations.

For more information, see the website

Now all we have to do is  book, show off a  smile  and stock up on  treasures!

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