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Treat yourself to a stay in our rooms located in the splendid setting of the strait of Messina: a break in the city or by the sea with unforgettable exclusive services to satisfy your every need.

Who stays in our rooms (“stanze” in Italian) will have much more than the usual chocolate on the pillow… not only as a welcome gift, but also in the overall welcoming and as in the attention to the specific necessities of each single guest.



Excursion with guide on Etna

Un unforgettable experience on the highest volcano of Italy. “The Hephaestus’s forge” is in full activiy and provide suggestive landscapes not to be missed.

Aeolian islands hopping

Organized tour in the most beautiful archipelago of Sicily! A memorable experience to seize upon.

Raft trip to Scilla

Immerse yourself in the legend e travel by raft until Scilla with the help of one of our collaborators.

Dine in the greenery of Villa Labruto

The goodness of the true Sicilian cuisine, served in the wonderful Villa Labruto.

Airport shuttle service

Travel as a VIP! Do not wait the bus, get a ride from your personal driver!

Our Rooms

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Messina in Spring: Between History, Climate, and Religious Festivities

Spring is a magical season, where nature awakens and dresses in vibrant colors. In Messina, this season, with its fresh, gradually lengthening days, and the sun becoming more prominent, offers a unique opportunity to explore hidden places and lesser-known monuments, and to participate in cultural and religious events. Spring FAI Days On the occasion of …

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Carnival in Messina and Surroundings: Celebration, Tradition, and Taste!

The tradition of Carnival in Sicily is very ancient, featuring masks, parades, allegorical floats, and typical sweets. It’s yet another reason to visit the island and immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere, amidst a riot of colors, joy, and masks. Here are some interesting ideas for celebrating Carnival 2024 in Messina and visiting the most …

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Carnevale a Messina e dintorni

Winter holidays in Messina: what to do and see

Winter brings with it many trips, outings, and long weekends. Many believe that Sicily should be excluded from the list of destinations for a winter getaway, and therefore Messina is not the ideal destination. However, if you are considering spending your winter holidays in Messina, the city will surprise you, and there will be plenty …

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