My name is Carloand I'm Your Host.

Born and raised in Messina, I traveled between Emilia-Romagna and Spain for almost 26 years. I've been back to the Straits since I became a father and husband; however, I continue to fly often keeping alive my first passion for travel and, second, for good food.

In my travels I was able to try all forms of hospitality (from campers to 5-star hotels) and I was increasingly attracted by the idea of transmitting the best of what I had and I have to know and experience in this field. Therefore, combining the passion and determination that I put into my work with my attention to detail (without losing sight of the general picture of the situation) I decided to renovate the apartments that have belonged to my family for generations to enhance them and give them new life.

Guglielmo Labruto, my father, put all his passion into creating, as he defines it, a “small botanical garden park” that surrounds Villa Labruto. A walk in this paradise is enough to evoke essences and colors from all over the world, in fact the flowers and plants that give it new life and nuances every day of the year have been classified into more than 400 species.

The collaborators who accompany me on this journey share my values and together we take care of our rooms to best accommodate those who want to stay in Messina. I am always careful to offer the most comfortable accommodation solution based on the customer's needs, to give indications or suggestions that can facilitate their stay in the city or by the sea and, why not, to make known opportunities and/or experiences that can make them unique.

On the other hand, even in a business stay you can combine business with pleasure, right?

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