The sea in Messina, or the seas

The  sea  in Messina, as in all of Sicily, is a tourist attraction that is always successful. It would be presumptuous to say that the  best beaches  are found in Messina, but this is also because, fortunately, our land is full of beaches,  one more beautiful than the other.

Just think of the splendid beaches of the Aeolian Islands, which have always enchanted tourists from all over the world. Or to the beach of Taormina, with the characteristic Isola Bella, or the Laghetti di Venere in Milazzo, or even the Laghetti di Tindari.

The list  would be  endless , because each location has its own strengths and the sea enriches the spirit like few other things in the world.

But Messina can boast a  peculiarity  that is difficult to match. We are not referring to the beaches of the places with names that say it all, such as Peace,  Paradise  and  Contemplation.

Moving north you can reach the northern tip of Sicily… the place where the sea in Messina doubles because the two seas meet: the Ionian and the Tyrrhenian. Moving about a hundred meters it is possible to bathe  first in one sea, then in the other.

The difference will be immediately perceptible even to the most inattentive of bathers, because very often, in addition to a different colour, the  temperature  of the water is also significantly different.

And what about the  panorama  of the Strait? That too fascinates, because our overseas brothers  are as close as nowhere else.

Of course,  tastes  are tastes, and not every single person likes all the beaches. But if a beach isn't to your liking, you can easily move to another… And in this regard, it doesn't often happen that you get the chance to say: Let's take a walk  and change beach. Indeed, let's change  seas!.

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