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Messina, a crossroads of cultures and history in the heart of the Mediterranean, is a multifaceted city: sea, commerce, and above all, art, blend into its identity. Walking through its streets, one can sense the legacy of Antonello da Messina, one of the great painters of the Italian Renaissance, whose genius continues to shape the city’s culture.

The apses of the Church of S. Francesco d’Assisi all’Immacolata, the Cathedral, the tower that inspired the bell tower, the battlemented walls at Boccetta, the heights of Camaro, the Boccetta stream (once navigable), the tower of Roccaguelfonia (now home to the Sacred Temple of Christ the King), and the Falcata Area bear witness to Antonello’s deep connection with his homeland. These places, monuments, churches, and landscapes, immortalized in his masterpieces, narrate both the artist’s connection with his city and the grand history of Messina, showing us treasures that have endured the passage of time.

Antonello da Messina transcends the figure of a historical character; he has become a symbol of Messina’s identity. Through his eyes, it is still possible to contemplate the Renaissance world and the eternal beauty of Messina, a city that lives and breathes art and history, a city that is Antonello.

The Illustrious Son

Born in Messina around 1430, Antonello revolutionized painting by introducing innovative techniques such as the use of perspective and chiaroscuro. His mastery in using oil on canvas allowed the creation of works rich in unprecedented details, nuances, and realism.

At the Regional Museum of Messina, you can admire two of Antonello’s six works in Sicily: the Polyptych of San Gregorio and a double-sided panel with Christ in Pieta on one side and the Madonna with the blessing child and a Franciscan in adoration on the other. Messina’s celebration of its illustrious son extends beyond churches and museums, with cultural events, exhibitions, and conferences that delve into Antonello’s art and legacy.

Exhibition and National Conference “MESSINA CITY OF ANTONELLO”

This November, the city honors Antonello with an exhibition and a national conference, an even more significant event on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the historic 1953 exhibition. That exhibition, held at Palazzo Zanca, was an internationally resonating event that attracted heads of state and art enthusiasts from around the world.

This current event aims to revive the echo of that historic moment, becoming an unmissable opportunity for residents and visitors to immerse themselves in the life and art of the master Antonello. To fully experience this, book your stay in advance at “Le Stanze”, in the heart of Antonello’s city.

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