Exhibition of works of art (temporary event)

The "Lucio Barbera" gallery will host an exhibition of works of art, the "Sadif feat GAS" in the period from 18 September to 15 November 2020.

The artists involved are Alex Caminiti, Gimaka and Sadif and they deal with a very delicate theme: that of child brides.

It is a dramatic phenomenon involving very young girls. The "Girls" are forced to marry much older men, thus losing the joys of childhood.

What we take for granted, such as play, is foreclosed and alien to these girls.
The images are deliberately provocative, but never cloying and achieve their intended purpose, that is to raise public awareness of this nightmarish theme.

Around 37,000 girls are involved in this horror every day, and it is interesting to note that the faces portrayed often show a desire for rebellion and combativeness.

The three artists, whose works have been exhibited all over the world (China, USA, Canada, Russia, Japan, South America, Italy), manage to convey a message of great social importance with their art.

Go and see it because it is worth visiting the exhibition of works of art.

Technical notes on the exhibition of works of art

The gallery is open to the public from Monday to Friday, from 9 to 13 by telephone reservation on 0907761217 and 0907761866.

Alex Caminiti for the uninitiated, was born in Messina on June 4, 1977 graduated from the city's art school, after a few academy students he decided to devote himself totally to the art world, creator of the Sicily Awards he is a much appreciated artist in the abroad.

The address of the "Lucio Barbera" gallery is the Metropolitan City of Palazzo degli Uffici, Via XXIV Maggio, 98122 Messina ME

We will keep you updated on further exhibitions of works of art in the city of Messina, we do it for those who come from outside and want to find some alternative activity to the sea, but also for the Messina people who are looking for pleasant city activities.

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